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*twitches* I fell across this one a while ago and thought it was an.. interesting

idea... ummm... but it does show through occasionally, like in A Hundred Days

when Jack was on Edora and Sam didn't know what to do so she went to Teal'c,

but the story I read had Sam and Teal'c in bed together... uhhh... yeah... soo...

I don't have any pics... or I'm too lazy to find them since it's like 1:00 am on a

school day (smooth Shay... real smooth...). Yeah well... I'll try and find a pic

or two.







I think that if Jack weren't there she would either fall for Daniel or Teal'c (no shit...) She and Daniel would get along real well because they're both scientists or sorts... they'd both be away doing something - never coming up to eat or sleep. Ah, but Teal'c adds a balance. He would be able to get Sam away from the computer or a doohickey long enough to distract her and perhaps feed her dinner or something. *smiles*

I think it might have started after Sam got used to the fact that Teal'c wasn't a bad guy, but he was a nice, strong, and handsome person. But in A Hundred Days, she turned straight to Teal'c and not Danny... hmm... something there perhaps? I think she likes Teal'c's strong arms and all.. but she's not really a person that needs protection, so that leaves one alternative - something in the form of love.


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