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HA! I have found another 'doctorate' ship! And this time, they're both doctors

in the same thing - Astrophysics! Well, Sam got HER doctorate at the Air Force

Academy in Colorado Springs, CO (ironically) and Rodney... well... we don't

know where Rodney used to live OR went to school! Interesting, yes?




Ok, so see, there's this guy named Rodney McKay and he's the next leading scientist after this gal named Samantha Carter. Sam works at the SGC and low-and-behold this guy gets sent there. Here is the love grounds... Rodney simply ADORES Sam, but Rodney is an arrogant and temperamental person and Sam doesn't like him very much at all. He interferes with her plans, he is paranoid, pessimistic, and argumentative. It's a love-hate relationship, but Rodney's hopes soar when Sam kisses him on the cheek. Ahh... the wonders of love at first sight!


Ok, so Rodney and Sam first get together in 48 Hours when they are trying to save Teal'c. Oh come on! You're telling me you can't see the love?! Haven't you EVER heard that a lot of times girls try to get guys by ignoring them or pretending not to like them?? Jeez... anyway, after they save Teal'c, Rodney is sent to Russia! (funfunfun) I'm sure Sam missed him! Then a year later in Redemption Part 1 & 2, he comes back to Sam's side to save the galaxy from the terrible Anubis! After hurting Sam quite badly, he apologizes profusely and tells her about his life.... a sure way to make the boyfriend/girlfriend bond stronger. After saving the world, he disappears until he reappears in an alternate reality in Moebius Part 1 & 2. Thing is, HE STILL LOVES SAM!

Unfortunately, Sam doesn't get to see him go off to Atlantis. I bet she was heartbroken... and Rodney was too! He still thinks about her in his new home... true love...

And thus ends the second ship of the doctors!


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