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OK, you're gonna think I've lost it... you know, gone off the deep end? But

I have (unfortunately) read a fic entertaining the idea of Janet/Hammond.

Kinda weird... and gross... yeah. But that's my personal opinion, I shall try

to write as they would - supporters of Janet/Hammond, the Doc and the Man.



They're worried together!! Awww....



Well, it all started a long time ago in Broca Divide, you know, when the two are standing together in the infirmary and then afterwards when Janet puts Hammond in with Jack (his favorite officer, duh), there was chemistry going on! They share moments between each other that no one could ever comprehend - its the sharing of command... they know it.

When Janet dies in Lost City, Hammond is talking to Sam, remember? And he says something very close to 'You have to treat all your officers the same and know that they should be all equally missed' and he goes to mention that they will miss Janet terribly. Hammond speaks VERY highly of her! I'm not surprised after all the time she's brought back SG-1 and Hammond from sickness etc. See, I don't think Daniel sees the love because he doesn't even consider that they love each other - but maybe he needs to open his eyes up a little more...


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