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Teehee... teehee... *giggles* I'm here... and now I can rant and rave about

Jack/Sam... the foremost ship in Stargate history. Everyone loves it and

it keeps Jack and Sam in check... (of course with Jack running away, it

doesn't help the matter any... bah). It's time to crack open the textbooks for

a little Jack/Sam 101!



 It all started in Children of the Gods (so the shippers say) when Sam challenged Jack to an arm wrestle. (btw, did he ever take her up on that?) And the chemistry never lied. Jack has been, secretly of course, chasing one Samantha Carter. Did you see the way he looked at her in Emancipation or when she pounced on him in Broca Divide? Down children… sheesh…


You guys want more examples of this lasting (oy, nine years) relationship? Well, there’s those three… umm… Window of Opportunity (hehe), Solitudes (Sam takes care of him), Moebius, Fire and Water (a little!), THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD! *giggles*, The Tok’ra (oh c’mon, when Martouf tries to take Sam to the surface and Jack acts all protective!), Out of Mind and Into the Fire, POINT OF VIEW!!, Jolinar’s Memories and The Devil You Know, DIVIDE AND CONQUER!!!! WOOT! Umm… Beneath the Surface, The Light, Unnatural Selection, Lost City, New Order, and THREADS!!!!


Haha, you cant deny the bind between the two… I’ll even post some pics for you! After that…. THERE IS NO DENYING IT!

There is obviously underlying sexual tension here... because regs strictly say they cant get together... EVER! that is unless Jack quits... (which would suck... more than Jack leaving the SGC)


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