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Inani Ship!


INANI SHIP! You will learn to LOVE this form of shipping. Let me tell you

the history behind this odd new ship.


See, it all started at a another website that belongs to fellow fic writer. It was

"relatively early" in the morning, sometime around 10:30 am, east coast time

on March 28th, 2005 and we started talking about Atlantis ships, how

it was too early to tell, and that we were friend shippers. Then I left for 2 hours.

I came back at 12:04 pm to find a post saying: "... And I love the interaction between

Beckett and McKay - they crack me up pretty much every time they're on screen."

So I put after that: "not only that, but McKay, Zelenka, Beckett, and (dun dun dun...)

the Chair!!!"

And THAT is how it all started. All the other inani ships are courtesy of SG1 Database

after I introduced Checkett (at the time still called Beckett/Chair) to them. Some of

the shippers took it up and now it's a Revolution. The owner of that site and

co-conspirator is someone named sueKay. :)


                                  - Checkett
                    - Daniel/Rock
                    -  Jack/P-90
- McKay/Betty
                    - Chokett
                    - Rodney/ZPM
                    - Walter/Gate
                    - Hammond/Red Phone






Originally published: 10/28/05 @ 6:24 pm.