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*sings* These are a few of my favorite sites... and then I don't feeeeel, SO baaad!

*bows* Thank you, thank you, thank you very much! That was from

Sound of Music if you want to know... anyway... we're here to see

my all time FAVORITE websites! I have quite a few...


Stargate Minor Awards - a new fan awards that's a bit smaller than the

Fan Awards, but you still get awards!

SG-1 Database - nicest forum on Earth, great people, great gods... oops... - great place to put your fanfiction for your fave shows

FictionPress - awesome place for those original stories...

GateWorld - pretty much every bloody thing about Stargate is there

Kawoosh: Vid Archive - a large archive of great vids and forum that can help you fix your vid problems

 Galaxy Gateway - another awesome forum... belongs to Gwen, keeper of Urgo

IMDB (Internet Movie Database) - great place to find out everything about movies!

Flaming Text - a great place to find awesome word art!


C'mon, you gotta check out at LEAST one of these places!!! (and if you go to

FictionPress or, I won't be hurt if you don't come and check out

my stories... *sniffle*) LOL! Honestly though, SG-1 Database is like the greatest

place on the internet. Nice atmosphere, great people, an awesome Bar... come check it out!


Beware of open Stargates... don't say I didn't warn you!