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Major Sam Carter was as bored as hell. And when she got bored, strange ideas popped into mind.

Most recently, she'd been looking over old mission reports, hence the relative boredom. Not like they were boring, but she'd been through it once already. She found the one from the foothold situation a few years back. She grinned wryly at this, even though it had been nowhere near funny then. But she had been able to be Daniel...

Stupid aliens, came a tired thought. Suddenly, one of those 'strange' ideas made itself present in the major's mind. Where are those things anyway?

Next thing she knew, she was headed off towards Area 51. She had enough clearance to get what she wanted - those image manipulators. They now held more meaning than just something to study for strictly scientific purposes. It was education.

After passing the formalities, such as seeing if you were who you said, she donned one of the bunny-suits to wear over her clothes and walked inside the vault-like place.

For security reasons, one of the scientist/doctors had to be with her to open the vault of stuff in there. A palm scanner scanned the doctor's palm and said her name.

"Doctor Kristin Monroe. Id. #1039864, please enter." The good doctor motioned that Sam should do the same. She sighed and obeyed. In took the machine a little longer to find her since she wasn't part of the Area 51 database. Then it bleeped out her info.

"Major Samantha Carter, United States Air Force. Id. #0520176, please enter."

"After you major," the doctor said kindly. Sam smiled and nodded. Once inside, the door locked itself. Monroe pushed a button on one of the shelves. It came out revealing the six image manipulators. The major knew full well she could be court marshaled for this. Even in knowing this, Carter asked the woman to leave as she tried out the ones she wanted. Only one Daniel and one Jack. That's all.

Finding the ones she desired, Sam signed them off, and walked out. They probably thought she was going to use them back at the SGC. They were sooooo wrong.

The alien technology went straight home with Sam. If she was exploring, it was to be in the safety and comfort of her own home. Carter could only think of what would happen if Jack should drop in, something he might do. They all had keys to each others' houses, after all. This train of thought brought another topic to mind. What if she were to don Daniel's 'disguise' and head over to his apartment?

I'd get a kick out of that, Sam thought devilishly. She grinned then, in the safety of the car. But no, it wasn't worth her being found out.

Finally, Sam arrived home and soundly shut the door of her car. For a good minute, Carter stood and stared blankly at her house. She couldn't BELIEVE she was going to do this. The genius smiled without heart and entered her home. It was time to do what she set out to do.


            Once locking all her doors and windows (God knows, if her doors were locked, Jack would do that), she grabbed her largest mirror and got herself mentally prepared. Topics flew through her mind at lightspeed. Would she be able to actually touch herself once as Daniel?

Of course, her mind answered, you did before!

Of course… The major set out the little buttons in a neat little pattern on the floor before putting them on. As Sam went to pick one up, she hesitated. This was not right at all. She sighed and put on the image manipulator. Suddenly, Daniel appeared in her mirror. It was interesting actually. Sam knew she definitely should not be doing this… it was like invading Daniel’s body. She/he took off Daniel’s glasses and set them down carefully. Everything became slightly blurry. This is what it was like to have bad vision? Yikes, she was glad to have perfect vision. She looked at Daniel in the mirror trying to get over the fact that… hey she was taller! Daniel’s head looked around and put his glasses back on.

Maybe she could finally get that damned book off the top shelf in her room… She strode in and bumped her head on the low ceiling fixture. Carefully, she reached up and grabbed the book she’d been wanting for ages. Looking at the book, she realized that she was skimming around what she wanted to do.

 Next came the clothes.


            Once again, Carter set aside the glasses, and once again, things became blurry. How could she properly see what she was doing if she couldn’t see? One last decision was made to keep the glasses on. One by one, the garments came off.

So this is what it was like for a guy to go running around without a shirt on! she thought with amusement. She chuckled and a smile lit on Daniel’s face. It was a kind smile, one that always lit up the room. Or, in Jack’s case, darkened it for it meant something had been discovered. This time, a verbal laugh popped out and it startled her. That was odd… hearing Daniel’s voice coming from her…

“Hello?” Daniel asked. “I’m Doctor Daniel Jackson, nice to meet you!” Sam had Daniel say with profoundness. This was fun! Again, she was missing her prime directive. Next came the pants… and boxers! So he was a boxer guy! Carter had known it all along… oh the things she knew about Daniel! With boxers off, out slipped his member. Sam blushed heavily, that was different.

She stood there, with socks on, looking rather funny and red. Again Sam laughed and pulled off his socks. There, now she/he stood there butt naked. God! What muscles! He wasn’t like that before he ascended… Sam flexed and felt the power buzz through her. That was cool! Now that Sam/Daniel was fully stripped of clothing, Sam began to explore. She stood in the mirror as Dr. Daniel Jackson, it was… intriguing.

By the way Daniel, what a cute little ass you have!


            Carter rotated, trying to see the back of Daniel’s body. Without a moment’s thought, she rushed to get her second full length mirror. It had been lying around and now it could be put to good use. That was better, now she could see without straining her… or Daniel’s neck. To her amusement, she could feel all of Daniel’s scars. She knew where all of his previously broken bones were located. Sam could help her colleague, medically, in a way no one else could except for him. This also excited the female.

“A new perspective of your patient is right…” Daniel said, almost startling her again. It was so weird to hear that voice in her house! Feeling ambitious, Sam turned on the radio. With the music in the background, Sam had a sudden thought. This was like playing Barbie! She could shave him down and see how he looked and the next time she would go to put the device on, Daniel would be back to normal!

She smiled deviously. Let the fun and games begin!

Before she could decide what to do first, one of her favorite songs came on, so she sang to it… in tenor.

“Well, every little thing’s gonna be all right! Don’t worry about a thing… cuz every little thing’s gonna be all right!” Surprisingly, Daniel could carry a tune, or maybe that was just her good ear in Daniel’s body… but if he could actually sing, Daniel had a very nice voice to perform with. He could sing quite well to Bob Marley in that case. All the little things…

            “Damn, does he have a sexy body!” Sam/Daniel said. She noticed how funny that would look if someone to walk in on her. She was talking about her/himself, but it really wasn’t herself. This thought made her smile again and turn off the radio in case someone were to pop in. With the radio off, she could hear them coming. Sam slowed put Daniel’s clothes back on him. That was insightful that little experience. She sighed once more and took off the devices. The major was now fully clothed again. Now for Jack….


            If Sam Carter felt guilty about Daniel, then Jack was going to be worse. It geared more towards shame now. He was her commanding officer! She should not be doing this, not to the colonel. Though… NO! She would not think about anything else to do with Jack O’Neill until she was done.

            Breathe in… breathe out, Sam told herself. She was going through with this. Once she donned an image changer, only this time a slightly older fellow showed up in her mirror. Ahh… Jack O’Neill.

            “Hello!” they said with a loopy smile. She giggled in his voice. That was weird! She slowly started to disrobe the man she loved. Yes, Sam Carter was going to have some fun with Jack O’Neill’s body. What an opportunity! This was so weird. The stringy man was revealed. He was indeed a beat up soldier.

            Sam carefully traced his scars on his chest and legs. He had a great deal of them. The colonel had told her once that the big one across his chest was from wrestling with a German on one of his old covert missions. He’d pulled a knife and slashed Jack across the chest. The curious major ran her hands through his hair… and several strands fell out. She smiled. He was balding! O’Neill was never going to live that down now that she knew.

            She now knew a lot about Jack O’Neill, her commanding officer. She winced as that thought ran through her mind. Sam carefully noted that Jack was dirty when this “imprint” was taken. So she took it upon herself to wash him off. This was going to be interesting.

            She tenderly stepped onto her cold bathroom tile floor and turned the hot water on. What she wouldn’t give for a good shower. While the shower ran to get warm, she stood Jack in the mirror and imitated his expressions.

            “Ya think? Ya sure ya betcha!” she giggled out. She became serious. “Sam Carter, will you marry me?” Sam had to know what it would sound like from him and it would probably be just as shaky. She got shivers down her spine and a large weight lifted upwards. Jack’s eyes widened and she made him look down. Between his legs was his slim and manly member. It had risen from the shivery experience of asking herself to marry him. Sam poked at it. It bounced. Raising an eyebrow at the experience, she hopped into the shower.


            Carter had performed the routine maintenance check she did on herself in the shower. Feeling refreshed, she stepped out of the shower. Seeing Jack in the mirror made her heart jump. She realized why he was here and laughed. Wrapped in a towel from the waste down, she walked Jack’s body out into the living room. It felt good to walk around without a shirt on. Now she knew why guys did it. Realizing she’d have to get dressed eventually, she put on his/her shirt. She stepped back into the full length mirror and smiled. He looked sexy like this, she decided.

            That’s when the doorbell rang. Figuring she’d make up some excuse later, she went to see who was at the door. Hopefully it wasn’t Jack.

            Thank god it was Daniel. She let him into her house.

            “Daniel?” she croaked.

            “Jack! What are you doing here?” he asked looking around. “And in a towel?” She made up a cock-and-bull story.

            “Carter drove me here because it was late last night and my car’s dead. Sitting in the shop,” Jack pointed over his shoulder. Sam smirked inwardly, Daniel was buying it. She hoped. “She was gonna drive me home today. She went out for groceries or something and I decided to take a shower and clean up.”

            “Jack, her car’s out in the driveway.”

            “She went to the groceries…. I guess she walked or whatever.” Sam realized she had dodged a bullet there. Luckily for her, there was a grocery store down the road. Daniel raised his eyebrows. Shit, he wasn’t buying it…

            “Look Danny, I’ll be right back. Go sit in the dining room and she’ll be back.” The dining room was out of sight of the door. She grabbed all of his clothes and took off to the bathroom and scurried out the door. Waiting for about a minute for herself to return, she called in the door.

            “Daniel! Carter’s back… she’s gonna take me home!”

            “Does she need help with the groceries?” he yelled back.

            “She didn’t get any… just went to the post office apparently. See you at work!” Sam hopped into her car and drove off to Jack’s house. Fifteen minutes later, she passed it, turned around and headed back to her house.

            “Sorry Daniel for leaving you here like that,” she apologized when she returned. Daniel nodded.

            “Yeah no problem.” Startled, Sam noticed that she’d left Daniel’s image manipulator how next to her mirror. She edged by Daniel and snatched them up.

            “So, what do you need?” she asked politely.

            Daniel raised his eyebrows again for a second; he’d just seen what Sam had grabbed.


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