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The Dictionary!


Yes... the many terms of Stargate and fanfic... You gotta learn them

if you want to be successful in this world.... sheesh. Everyone knows THAT.

At any rate, my job (a holy mission from God of course... that is, my system lord

*coughcough*) is to educate y'all *grin* in the terms of shipperness

and fanfic... underlined words in the Shipper Ed section you can click on and

it will bring you to the dictionary... unfortunately, I ain't good enough to

make it come to the right word...


Oh yeah, underlined words in the dictionary section are links... click them!



(And study well, young padawan...)



abnormal - what most shippers are...

Adios - Spanish for Goodbye.... said by Jack in Urgo

Adult fic - probably consists of adult humor, possibly sex, and most likely rated R and above...

Alterians - see Ancients

Ammonet - historically, an Egyptian queen. The Goa'uld pretending to be Ammonet the goddess chose Sha're to be her next host and she was Apophis' wife

A/Ns - Author's Notes (read those!)

Ancients - the fine people that made the Stargates and built Atlantis also known as the Alterians, part of the Four Great Races mentioned in Torment of Tantalus

Angst - umm... kinda hurt/comfort, tragedy, and general unhappiness sometimes all rolled into one... its general disagreement or serious pain depending who you are... 

AO - stands for Adults Only

Apophis - a Goa'uld with a history with SG-1, he stole two very important people of SG-1's - Daniel's wife Sha're and Jack's friend Ska'ara. Not only that, but every time SG-1 thinks they've destroyed Apophis, he always appears again... except when he was truly destroyed by Replicators

Asgard - a nice species of aliens that just so happens to resemble the Roswell aliens, anyway, the Commander of the Asgard Fleet is Thor (the god of lightning), he is friends with Jack O'Neill and prefers the yellow cubes over the other colors... they have saved SG-1's asses more than once and saved Jack's live at least twice. They are part of the Four Great Races spoken of in Torment of Tantalus

Atlantis - the water based city that the Ancients built a VERY long time ago... it flies too, it's about 10,000 years old and it still has the original plant decorations...

Auf Wiedersehen - German for goodbye... also said by Jack in Urgo


B/C - shorthand for Beckett/Chair

Ba'al - a rather nasty Goa'uld that has tortured Jack in Abyss, but then tried to help SG-1 at Dakara. He keeps popping up every so often. He later (at the time of Dakara) had to become one of Anubis' underlings

BecKay - (Reckett) Beckett/McKay this resulted from Duet

Beckett, Dr. Carson - the Scottish doctor on Atlantis... fave quote "I'm just a bloody doctor!" Refined the delivery of the ATA gene and has it himself, though not with the control that Sheppard does. He is scared of operating things he knows can hurt something or that he doesn't understand i.e. the Chair at Atlantis. Is a very good doctor who knows what he's doing when it comes to medical situations

Beckett/Chair - the odd ship that includes a love/hate relationship between Dr. Beckett and the Chair of Atlantis, created by yours truly...

Bon voyage - French for "good trip" probably said by Jack... in Urgo


Carter, Captain/Major/Lt. Colonel (Dr.) Samantha - an officer in the Air Force and an astrophysicist, is the foremost expert on the Stargate and how it works. Is a very fine woman, has many mini-ships, and is incredibly smart. Has her Ph.D in astrophysics from the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. "Disappeared" for some time at the beginning of season 9... she was working on R&D (Research and Development) I believe... or at the Pentagon

chapt - chapter

chapy - chapter...

Checkett - see Beckett/Chair

Chokett - a chocolate covered Beckett

cliffie - cliffhanger

convo - shorthand for conversation

culling - the Wraith feed on humans and a culling is the time where the Wraith must feed and they go out and cull the human population on certain planets... they maintain the size or a village of race this way too


Daniel/Janet - the doctorate ship!

Daniel/Rock - another inani ship... i must blame my god Russ for this one... he made it!

Daniel/Vala - the love/hate ship of season nine

DHD -  short for Dial Home Device, it's the big round thing that dials up the gate - has a big red hemisphere in the middle




Fin - Spanish and Latin for "end"

Foothold - an episode, but also means that the SGC has been taken over by alien hostels, hence a "foothold situation" as mentioned in the episode A Matter of Time

FRED - short for Field Remote Expeditionary Device, a bigger machine than a MALP, often carries peoples' supplies like in Children of the Gods

Furlings - virtually nothing is known of them except that they were a friendly group of aliens in league with the Asgard, the Nox, and the Ancients to make up the Four Great Races mentioned in The Torment of Tantalus


GDO - short for Garage Door Opener, opens the iris on the human Stargate

Goa'uld - an evil race of aliens that has claim over much of the galaxy, the Goa'uld are interesting in a way... the Goa'uld themselves are long white/black snake-like symbiotes and they inhabit a host by nesting in his/her brain. They believe themselves to be gods because they have many powers due to a metal called naquadah that the symbiotes introduce into the host's blood


Hammond/Red Phone - ever noticed how much he uses it? another inani ship...

Harlan - the pesky human-like android in Tinman, Comtraya means hello and he turns SG-1 into androids without them knowing - it turns out that Harlan only made clones of SG-1 and that the real SG-1 still lived, he comes to see the SGC in Double Jeopardy regarding the other SG-1 which had wandered through the Stargate, he is approximately 11,000 years old or exactly 99,270,000 of our hours


IDC - short for Iris Deactivation Code, the code on the GDO that is sent through to the Control Room for verification of who is coming through

Inani - shorthand for inanimate - used in the sense of "an inani ship" meaning that a person is paired with an inanimate (not living) object instead of a with another person like Jack/Sam


Jack/P-90 - oy... yet ANOTHER inani ship... soooo didn't make it, again!

Jack/Sam - the most prominent ship of the SG-1 world

Jackson, Dr. Daniel - wacky, but very cute archeologist, got laughed out of the academic community because he claimed that the pyramids were built by aliens... he was right! Figured out how the Stargate operated in the movie Stargate after many hours of coffee and studying the coverstone. Found archives that showed that the gate had been opened before in the 1940's. Died during season 6 from radiation poisoning (Meridian) He ascended with the help of Oma Desala - an Ancient

Jaffa - a race of people that were slaves to the Goa'uld, they hold the symbiote in an "X" shaped pouch, the larval symbiote is their immune system - without it, they would die. Many of them now live using a medicine called tretonin which was developed offworld and refined by Earthlings to use in jaffa

Janet/Hammond - ew. this is a ship i stumbled across one day...


Kawalsky, Major Charles - one of Jack O'Neill's best friends and an officer in the Air Force. Did work in the SGC until The Enemy Within when the Goa'uld symbiote he acquired unknowingly at the end of Children of the Gods reared its ugly head and killed some people. The doctors tried to do brain surgery to try and get the symbiote out of him, it seemed successful until they realized that a symbiote, without its body, can still act in the host. He died with his head half in an open Stargate that was shut down by Jack

Kinsey, Senator Robert - a sly, back-the-scenes, double-talking politicians who contradicts what he says by his actions. He has a history with Jack O'Neill and SG-1, in short, he doesn't like the whole SGC and how it's kept a secret from the world. He would rather see the program completely shut down than let SG-1 roam the galaxy and save Earth. He is a God fearing man and is an asshole - he believes everyone is trying to keep his from his presidency and he only worries about his own hide. 

Kloral - the symbiote that was in Ska'ara



Ma'chello - a brilliant alien scientist who made many devices to help destroy the Goa'uld, the Goa'uld tried many times to find him and when they found his world, 2 billon people died in order to save him. He first shows up in Holiday when SG-1 finds him in suspended animation and his body switching device made Daniel and him swap bodies 

Mal Doran, Vala - a thief, spy, former Goa'uld, and in love to Daniel Jackson. She trades weapons to shifty people and makes a living by stealing and trading. Is thought to be dead, but not certain. Loves playing around with people and has a tendency to lie... a lot

Malikai - an alien archeologist that specialized in Ancient technology, appeared in Window of Opportunity trying to go back in time and see his dead wife again, instead it resulted in a time loop. He didn't realize that fourteen other Stargates were also time-looping

MALP - short for Mobile Analytic Laboratory Platform, in short that rover that goes through the gate and checks things out on another planet before the SG teams go through

Maybourne, Harry - an ex-colonel in the Air Force and an agent of the NID, a scheming and sly person. You never know whether he's on your side, the other guy's side, or his own side. Always watches out for his own interests

McKay/Betty - hehe, this is McKay/Watch ship... not me again...

McKay/Carter - another doctorate ship that is extremely love/hate

McKay, Dr. Rodney - rather arrogant, perhaps insecure astrophysicist - brilliant man though if not loud and the fact that he claims he's perfect caught often... a good guy overall, claims that he is not as good as a scientist as Sam Carter is - doesn't take leaps of faith he said, but he does - with the guarantee that it (whatever it is) won't fail. Is loyal and brave at heart

McWeir - McKay/Weir ship... shorthand

Mitchell, Lt. Colonel Cameron - a colonel and pilot in the Air Force, fought in an F-302 in Antarctica and got seriously injured in a crash after getting shot, now controls SG-1 (season 9+), is rather ignorant about the whole thing and somewhat unserious - learns by experience


Narim - a Tollan and was in love with Sam Carter, Sam had rescued him from his planet and they fell for each other, Sam got over him, but Narim remembered her. Sam gave him her cat, Schrödinger - they remained good friends even so

naquada(h) - a heavy metal that the Stargate is made out of, generally associated with the Goa'uld - many Stargate associated things are made of this metal

NID - a shifty and interrupting civilian run branch of the government, is involved with many secret projects like the Stargate program and has a significant military "force." Was seen as bad, but some agents worked to correct that image.... NID is kinda like the CIA or the FBI - civilian run

noromo - not a shipper

Nox - a friendly and pacifist race of people, they live in peace from the Goa'uld and have the ability to be invisible. They are short, have messy hair, long-lived, and have lots of tidbits of wisdom, they can heal any wound or bring people back from the dead, part of the Four Great Races mentioned in The Torment of Tantalus


OMG - Oh My God/Gate

OMFG - Oh My F**king God

OOC - of out character

Oma Desala - a.k.a. Mother Nature. She took care of Shifu - the baby Sha're had with Apophis, and taught him the ways of the good. She is an Ancient (as revealed later on in the series) - she helps ascend to a higher plane of existence (the realm of the Ancients) against the "Others'" will

Omaroca - a member of a fish-like people, specifically the wife of one of these people who captured Daniel Jackson and made SG-1 think he was dead. Omaroca's husband wished to know what happened to his wife when she went to Earth - Daniel found out that she was dead... the husband had Daniel look at cuneiform and a phrase that read: "Fate Omaroca." First appeared in Fire and Water

O'Neill, Colonel/General Jack - an officer in the Air Force, was the commanding officer of SG-1, then the commanding officer of the SGC, then he went to Washington to work in the Pentagon (bad idea!). Though his birth name is Jonathon, he uses Jack. Has been dead several times, cloned, implanted with a Tok'ra symbiote, and gotten significantly older all in eight and a half years




Reckett - see BecKay

Replicators - a nasty mechanical bug species that is made out of cell blocks. Each block can get together with another block and form a shape - they seem to like the bug/spidery look. They consume metals in order to make themselves stronger - the stronger the metal, the harder they are to destroy. The Replicators were first made by a child-like android named Reese

Rodney/ZPM - hehe, I know, another one.... INANI! totally not me again... its between Rodney and a ZPM this time...

Ronon - a "Runner" and is ex-military. Is extraordinarily good with weapons and fighting tactics and also a man of few words except to his team (sometimes). Is/was hunted by the Wraith and had a tracking device placed in his neck which Beckett removed

ROTFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing

ROTFLMAO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off

ROTFLMHO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Head Off

Runner - someone who was taken from their world, had a chip placed in their neck and let go. The Wraith try to find this person for either sport, hunting, or military practice. People in Pegasus had often heard of rumors that runners existed... one of them is Ronon


SGA - stands for Stargate Atlantis

SGC - stands for Stargate Command, or the codename Sierra Gulf Charlie

Sha'ri/Shau'ri - the wife of Daniel Jackson, was given to him in the movie Stargate as a gift, became a Goa'uld in Children of the Gods, the Goa'uld was Ammonet - wife of Apophis, she later died at the blast of Teal'c's staff weapon

Sheppard, Major/Lt. Colonel John - an officer in the Air Force and stationed at Atlantis, didn't know about the Stargate or anything related to it until General O'Neill brought him to the Ancient Outpost in Antarctica and it was discovered that he has a natural ability to use Ancient technology

Sheyla - Sheppard/Teyla ship

Shifu - the child of Apophis and Ammonet/Sha're, has the genetic memory of all the Goa'uld before him, but because Daniel stole him at birth and 'gave' him to Oma Desala, he turned out a good person and not evil. Is wise and knows what would happen to a person if they had all the knowledge of the goa'uld. Is an ascendant

ship - shorthand for relationship and is something that sails or flies around i.e. the Prometheus

shipper - someone who believes in a ship

shippiness - defined as someone having the "disease" that makes one a shipper

ShWeir - Sheppard/Weir ship

Ska'ara - native of Abydos (first planet found in the movie Stargate), friend of Jack, Charles Kawalsky and Ferreti - the original SG-1, learned to speak English from Daniel Jackson. Was taken by a Goa'uld symbiote named Kloral, was freed later in Tollana by the Tollan


Tan - Ronan/Teyla, got one?

Tau'ri - is the intergalactic name for humans and Earth... Earth is called Tau'ri occasionally

Teal'c - a jaffa native to Chulak, tried to free the jaffa from the false gods - the Goa'uld, was finally successful and was named "Brother of All Jaffa" at Dakara. Now has a head of hair

Teal'c/Sam - a rather unknown ship

TER - short for Transphase Eradication Rod, first showed up in the hands of the Tok'ra in Show and Tell

Tok'ra - literally means "those who fought Ra," but is the name of a group of Goa'uld that splintered off from the terrible ways of the Goa'uld, the first to break away was Egeria, later called Queen Egeria

Tollan - a very intelligent race of people that have technology to destroy the Goa'uld, but are also pacifists. They have a policy not to share their technology with less advanced groups (such as humans) because many years before they did that and the world destroyed itself

Tribble - the advanced form of a shipper... where you start breeding...


UAV - short for Unmanned Airborne Vehicle, is a very cool, rocket powered/propeller powered airplane that scopes out the land and its atmosphere

Urgo - a chip in one's brain that makes the eyes see an image of a man known as Urgo, he was a "malfunction" on a program operated by a man that looks just like Urgo, he loves pie and games - he is endlessly annoying and first appeared in Urgo and plagued SG-1

UST - Underlying/Unresolved/(Underwater?) Sexual Tension




Walter/Gate - a wacky inani ship.... NOT MADE BY ME! (i swear)

Weir, Dr. Elizabeth - the civilian commander of the Atlantis base, is involved with several ships...

W.I.P. - work(s) in progress

Wraith - a very nasty enemy in the Pegasus Galaxy, are blue and regenerate quickly, they take long resting periods between "cullings," Sheppard managed to wake them up pre-maturely. They are descended more from a bug called the Aritus bug than humans... they "eat" through their hands and when they suck the life out of you, they age you too



Yu - a Chinese Goa'uld that is much nicer than other Goa'uld, he is nice to SG-1.. well, he doesn't kill them or torture them - he is rather mild for a Goa'uld


Zelenka, Dr. Radek - a Czech astrophysicist and McKay's peer, also works in Atlantis, has only been offworld a couple times so far. Has a tendency to swear in Czech.

Zipacna - a Goa'uld that tried to take Cloral/Ska'ara back with the Goa'uld and tried to destroy the Tollan home world of Tollana

ZPM - stands for Zero Point Module, is the power supply for many Ancient technologies including Atlantis itself - the more ZPMs, the better