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Daniel/Vala... so help me God... I don't like this ship, but I'll bear it out, lol

Ah, the ship of Danny and Vala, a love-hate relationship if I ever saw one!

I mean, Daniel hates her (or is it secret love?) but poor old Vala just LOVES

our Daniel... I mean especially after Prometheus Unbound - you know

"I didn't see a thing!" "Sure!"




Ah yes… Daniel and Vala sitting on a … ship floor? Eh? Oh yes, that is how it ALL started… fer crying out loud, Vala takes over ship in super-soldier armor, people evacuate and she finds Daniel! Lol, thinking that Daniel is of course someone who can run the ship… well, he cant do that, but he can sure navigate a body (or so he says). I think he’s boasting honestly… *rolls eyes* of course he is…


Anyways… *grins sillily* umm… well, Miss Vala appeared first in Prometheus Unbound… yeah, I was chatting about it up there ^… where Vala pretends to be a super-soldier… pretty funny episode actually… *coughs* umm… then after that we have almost ALL of season nine because of those silly armbands… OY! He’s my Daniel... MINE! hehe... I'm good...


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