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Yes, Daniel and Sha're. *sigh* Daniel's first and only wife. She was taken

hostage by the Goa'uld and enslaved. Daniel's purpose in life, and his purpose

in joining SG-1, was to find Sha're and if not return to her homeworld,

Abydos, and report that she was gone forever. Luckily, she turned up there

and she had a baby boy. The father was Sha're's Goa'uld's husband, Apophis.

Therefore the child was a Haresis and very powerful.




Sha're was born and lived on the planet called Abydos, the first planet to be found in the Stargate arch and in the whole program. She was given to Daniel because the Good Father Kasuf (Sha're's father) thought that Daniel was a god as a result of a necklace that depicted Ra on it. Daniel was treated well and Sha're was a shy young woman at the time whose brother, Ska'ara, was best friends with Jack O'Neill. Sha're figured Daniel was avoiding her because she thought he didn't want her. After stumbling along for a bit, Daniel was pulled into a kiss and they loved each other ever after. Daniel stayed on Abydos with his wife until Jack came back a year later with news that the Goa'uld had attacked Earth. On that day, Sha're was taken and Daniel became part of SG-1.


First appearing in Stargate the movie, Daniel's wife changed her name from Shau'ri to Sha're sometime between the movie and Children of the Gods in the series. She was taken in Children of the Gods and Daniel despaired over her. If that's not true love (gallivanting all over the galaxy looking for her), then what is? She appeared sometime later as a pregnant Sha're and her Goa'uld symbiote, Amonet, suppressed in Secrets. She later reappeared in Forever in a Day as Amonet and was about ready to kill Daniel when Teal'c shot her. Before he did, Sha're managed to communicate her heartfelt sorry and undying love for him. She also told him not to hate Teal'c after that day for killing her.


Many a vid has been made for Daniel and Sha're and the special love they had together. Daniel has never been able to have another wife. He thought he could... but he backed away.


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