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Created by Russ


Okay, so this is another SG1 Database created inani ship... created by Russ

(the site's administer and god) after seeing a freeze frame from It's Good to be

 King. But it works right? After all, Daniel IS obsessed with his rocks and you

know it! So it's the perfect ship! Except... some of his rocks might get jealous...




Ah, but is there any? I mean Daniel has loved his rocks forever! Since he was a babe... hmm... since he was always an archeologist... okay, so ones with prominent rock obsessiveness: It's Good to be King, Enemy Mine, and stuff like that! Can't you see the love in his eyes?! It's so obvious! I mean come on, there has to be a special bond with the rocks if he's worked with them for soooo  long.