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 Hehe, the wacky, yet barely off the ground ship of Janet and Daniel.

Ahh... see ze mysterious ship of ze doctors... vhat a vonderful zhing...

It all started a long time ago in a place called the SGC... in this SGC, people

got hurt... a lot. And there was this archeological doctor named Daniel Jackson.

to happened to him a lot.


And there was this OTHER doctor - a female - who helped the particularly-

prone-to-being-hurt-SGC people such as Daniel Jackson. But he was there

 SOOO much that the two could not help but indulge in the hormonal

relationships of the feminine sex and the masculine sex. *grin*



See ^ I told you they like it!




Daniel Jackson and Janet Frasier… what was once so promising is now gone… anyway, they couldn’t get married because… well… Janet would become Janet Jackson – see the dilemma? Well that and Janet’s dead… *cries*


There isn’t really a  specific episode because Daniel gets hurt so often… but in Heroes is the clincher… you saw Daniel and her! I mean COME ON! How much more obvious can you get?! Of course then the producers decided to kill Janet off…. well poo on them!


I miss Janet… life was better (and healthier) with her… I bet Daniel misses her a lot too!



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