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Checkett (Beckett/Chair)

Created by: Seanait Doyle


Hehe... since this is my ship... i'm fully qualified to ramble on and on and on

about it, right? Right. I could... but basically, it's a ship that resulted from a

friend-shipping thread and is the brain child of sueKay and mine. I have several

followers of the ship and a few stories are written here and there... but it's a love-

hate relationship and Beckett is usually the hate part (or is he the love part?)

Trust me, they'll grow on each other soon enough.




Yes, history - it all started in Rising when McKay demanded that Beckett sit in the Chair on Earth. Beckett absolutely refused to because he had had a taste of the old gal and he liked it and refused to say. I mean come on, what a face! ^. After turning her on and accidentally launching a drone at Jack's helicopter, he has a sigh of love, overwhelming, and triumph on his face. I think Carson passed his first milestone with the Chair.

The two show up in more than one episode, oh yes! Like in Siege Part 2, oh is that priceless! Carson doesnt look quite as nervous as he did when he first met the Chair - not surprising as it was a blind date! The Gift had some lovely Checkett moments as well - real candid camera kind of pictures... oh I wish the two of them could put aside their differences... like what shape is who... and get along... Would it really kill Carson to finally get a girl?


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